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Cardamom Tea Premix (Combo) - 3 Kgs (New Launch - Red Range)

  • Brands Teleflora
  • Product Code:Cardamom Tea Premix (Combo) - 3 Kgs (New Launch - Red Range)
  • Availability:In Stock

₹1,125.00 ₹999.00

This could be one of your best choice..Why? You got the best deal • What did I get? You got 3 kilograms of premix for Rs 999/- • What so big deal about this? Average price of 1 kg Cafe Desire brand of premix is Rs 599, but with this new Red blend range your effective price per kg is Rs 333 only • How would be the taste and quality? We bet you will love this • Can I use in any vending machine? Yes, you can..Can I make my coffee or tea without any vending machine? Oh yes, you just need add hot water of 100 ml to 3 spoons of cafe Desire premix. Coffee Premix Is Certified Of FSSAI, GMP And HALAL. Taste: Good & Nice Refreshing And Delicious In Taste Quality: Guaranteed Consistency And 100% Natural And Safe Using Ingredients And Packaging Material, How To Make: Just Add 100ml Hot Water To Cafedesire Premix To Enjoy Your Instant Delicious Cup Of Coffee/Tea, Just Like Home-Made, In Less Than A Minute. What’s the shelf life? 9 months, How safe is this? 100 % as this certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Finally why Cafe Desire? Cafe Desire is awarded India's most trusted brand 2017, Awarded India's Most trusted Brand, Power Brand at Las Vegas USA GMP certified

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